At the most rudimentary level, we are driven biologically to survive.  But at a human level we are driven by ideas, which of course arguably stems from survival. That’s important to realize, it is not about self-discovery but what we choose to believe in. A lot of what we know are conjecturing of ideas, for example: The American Dream, the nice car, traditions, ethics, culture, and even the idea of love is up for grabs. I believe this to be a powerful realization, the ability to mold and introduce new ideas — to adjust one’s reality.

As a creative person, I live in the world of intangibles, rich in ideas and possibilities. It’s a doubled-edge sword. Blessed in a sense that the possibilities are boundless. Cursed with the constant bombardment of ideas. Even now as you’re reading this, it’s another idea that needs be filtered — to adopt or to purge it. It could get confusing with the enormous amount of information in the world. Certainly the advent of internet did not made it any better — quite the opposite.  I often struggle with a tug-o-war of being realistic or idealistic. Most of the time we are at one end or the other of the spectrum. Some are too realistic and others are too much of a dreamer. The popular mantra holds true, everything in moderation. Be realistic, but only to function properly economically and socially. If you don’t confront reality, chances are a dream will look more and more like a nightmare. Let your dreams set your goals but be realistic in your endeavors. Mold your belief-system in alignment to your core values. Test your ideas against others and be critical of what people and yourself are trying to convince you to believe.

The big idea is whatever you want it to be. What you believe in makes you who you are and it will set the path to your future.

If you’re curious about my core values, here they are:

  • Creativity can solve anything.
  • Love is the base of all actions.
  • Rule over your circumstances.
  • Achieve results.

Be victorious!