Hello. My name is Maurice and I love creativity. That passion stems from my childhood. When I was younger I faced a few hardships like abuse, lost, and scarcity. With a little imagination and cleverness, I was able to make the most of every situation. I remember the smiles that my parents gave me when I taught myself how to play piano, the laughter from my aunt when I superimposed her next to her celebrity crush, Keanu Reeves, in a photo, I remember the feeling of pride from my father when I fixed an inflatable pool with stuff I found around the house. To me, problem-solving, curiosity, smiles, and connecting are all part of being creative — it is the core of my life.

Now, I turned the essence of my youth into my life’s work in interactive media and entrepreneurship. I do what I can to make my life and the life of the people around me extraordinary. To turn nothing into something, from an idea to reality, from a dream to a realization, and to a life worth living.

My curiosity goes leaps and bounds to fuel my sense of creativity. I believe everything is creative and it is a constant struggle not to want to try to tweak something. In the interactive field, I design and code because I feel both are equally creative. But what is creativity without sharing? It is selfish. So I share what I know and what I create — I share my life and my love.