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Nothing is more sophisticated than the relationship between the freedom of creativity and the limitations of reality. My goal is to merge these two paradigms into tangibles that enhances and inspire our lives.


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About Me

My curiosity goes leaps and bounds to fuel my sense of creativity. I believe everything is creative and it is a constant struggle not to want to try to tweak something. In the interactive field, I design and code because I feel both are equally creative. But what is creativity without sharing? It is selfish. So I share what I know and what I create — I share my life and my love.

5 Puzzle Solving Apps That Your Brain Will Love

I love to travel but it doesn’t always mean I have to physically drive or hop on an airplane to go somewhere. Sometimes a short “mental trip” through an interactive experience will suffice. It’s a chance to travel through the creative minds of these app developers and experience something unique apart from the physical world. After a long a day of work, it’s a great way to take a break. Here are a few of my favorites:

Core Values

Core values is where I set my foundation in life and the motivations behind my actions. When I'm setting my core values, I'm building a mental and emotional house. Just like how in the physical world we have a home to get away from the hustle-and-bustle of life and to be at a place where we're comfortable and able to relax and reflect.

What’s the big idea?

That's important to realize, it is not about self-discovery but what we choose to believe in. A lot of what we know are conjecturing of ideas, for example: The American Dream, the nice car, traditions, ethics, culture, and even the idea of love is up for grabs. I believe this to be a powerful realization, the ability to mold and introduce new ideas — to adjust one's reality.

Maximize Your College Life

These are some tips I came up with through my own experiences. It might help you in your college life and likely your future career. Some you might already know but it’s always good to be reminded.